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MOTOsafety: Products & Services

MotoSafety is a remote control device that gives a report on a driver of a vehicle to the customer.  The idea is to allow adults to supervise teen drivers.  This device allows subscribers to monitor their teen's location at any time (actually the car's location) and also gives a report on the ability of the driver by measuring a number of skills and their speed.  The idea is that a teen should drive better and more safely with this device in the car.  Used properly, this device should show where a teen driver needs improvement with their driving skills and areas that the teen may not yet be ready to drive through on their own.  Buyers can choose from monthly or yearly plans.  MotoSafety also markets their product to seniors who also desire to improve or monitor their driving skills using an unbiased opinion.  Some insurance companies will provide discounts to members using these devices.

MOTOsafety: Company Background

MotoSafety is based in St. Louis, Missouri and its device will work in both the United States and Australia.  The company was established in 2004 as on offshoot of Argilis Corp, LLC which tracks fleet assets for shipping and trucking companies.  This website was set up in 2011. The company was created to allow its tracking devices to reach both teenagers and senior citizens who might need help with their driving skills.

MOTOsafety: Customer Feedback & Reviews

MotoSafety has virtually no reviews that could be located online at this time.  I did find one extensive review which can be reached here.  The user was overjoyed with the device and even her son liked it.  Here is a quote from that review:

I love knowing that if my son gets lost, he can call me. I can get online, go in and see exactly where he is. I can guide him step by step until he knows where he is or how to get there. I know that he can’t try to mess with me by unplugging the device … I get an alert!!  Or plugging it into a friends car so I think it is him… I get an alert!! This is a huge “piece of mind” for me! It is like being a fly on the wall in his truck!  As parents we still worry, but this is so nice to decrease that stress. I would totally recommend this for any parent of a teen! It could have other uses too, but do not count on keeping it a secret for who ever you are monitoring. (Device lights up at night).

Overall, I think most customers would be extremely pleased with the detail provided by this device on their teen driver.

MOTOsafety: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

MotoSafety is not a member of the Better Business Bureau but seems popular with the parents and even the teens who have tried out this device.  Since most teens think they are the world's best drivers, they don't seem to mind being graded.  This is a young company that is just reaching national prominence so business credibility is for the future. 

MOTOsafety: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

This is a new website and as such its popularity and samples sizes are low. shows that MotoSafety is receiving about 2,000 hits per day. does not have enough information as yet to rank the site among websites in the United States.  The site receives visitors largely from college educated persons of middle age.  Almost all of these visitors have children.  About 12 sites are linked into the company's website.  Google's Page Rank tool ranks it 2/10.

MOTOsafety: Social Media Presence

While this company has some social media presence, it is not linked to their website which is a bit unusual.  The company has a channel at YouTube with a number of helpful videos.  This site has 2 subscribers at this time.  There is also a page on Facebook that is not too active.  This page has 21 members.  The company's Twitter page is not that active either, with the last entry from April 2012 at this time.  The page has 14 followers.  It would seem some attention to social media is in order.  However, maybe the clientele the company wants to reach does not use these sources.

MOTOsafety: Website Security & Safety

Checking Google's Safe Browsing Tool, the company's website does not appear to have caused any problems for users.  However, this does not seem to be a website the Google checks on a regular basis, most likely due to its low visitor numbers.  The company handles all transactions through the four major credit cards and there are no complaints of non-secured privacy information that I could locate.

MOTOsafety: Pricing & Packages

Pricing is fairly straight forward.  To use MotoSafety, a customer must by the tracking device and sign up for a monthly subscription: MotoSafety does not require a customer to have a cell phone, although the device works with all major cell phone platforms.  A computer  with a compatible browser is necessary, however.  Here is the breakdown from MotoSafety:

Monthly Subscription:  $24.99 and device at $149.99

One-year subscription: $22.99 monthly and device at $134.99

Two-year subscription: $19.99 monthly and device at $119.99

Another device at Youth Driving Safe has the following price structure and provides less information than MotoSafety:

Device:  $299 and monthly subscription of $17.9

The other devices I found were simply GPS tracking systems to install in your car.  So, MotoSafety is an economical choice in the teen driver monitoring market.

MOTOsafety: Shipping Rates & Policies

The company charges for shipping and handling on its products.  The average charge is about $16 for delivery in the 48 continuous United States.  Customers have some options with shipping to receive the device faster.   Since the company combines shipping and handling fees it is currently impossible to determine which is the shipping charges and which are the handling charges on their regular shipping.  The company does not ship internationally from this website, but their is a website that works in Australia.  Since this device only works where there are GPS satellites there are clearly some places in the United States where the device will not be very effective.  This is left to the buyer to determine.

MOTOsafety: Payment Methods Accepted

The company accepts only the four major credit cards.  These are Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express or Discover.  The company operates by monthly subscriptions, so it wants to be able to charge a credit account.  The company does not accept Paypal or other methods of payment at this time.

MOTOsafety: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The return policy requires all items to be returned within 30-days of receipt.  There are no exceptions.  Returned items are charged a $25 restocking fee and shipping is not reimbursed.  The company will replace a device that is not working upon receipt.  If a customer has signed up for a year or two year subscription and wants to cancel early, there are early cancellation penalties in some cases.  To return an item, the customer should contact customer service.  The tracking device itself comes with a one-year warranty against defects.  To file a claim under the warranty, a customer should contact customer service.

MOTOsafety: Product images & screenshots
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